Physical Characteristics

Height increases 2 to 3 inches/year


Motor Development

Walks backwards

Walks up and down stairs when holding onto handrail

Jumps forward a few inches

Throws ball overhand

Attempts to run

Helps feed self


Cognitive Development

Shows increasing understanding of spatial and form discrimination: places large geometric shapes in large puzzle


Speech and Language Development

Uses 50-200 words

Combines words into simple phrases

Produces speech that is 25 to 50% intelligible


Personal-Social Development

Helps pick up and put away toys

Begins to assert independence: wants to try doing things without help


Check with your child's pediatrician if by Two Years your child does NOT:

Attempt to talk or repeat words

Understand some new words

Exhibit a variety of emotions: anger, delight, fear

Attempt self-feeding: hold own cup to mouth and drink

Did you answer yes to one or more of the developmental alerts?

  1. First and foremost, please contact your child's pediatrician. Your health care provider is your best resource if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. Secondly, would you like to speak with someone at Special Kids to learn more about how our services may benefit your child? Contact our Family Resources team to learn more.

*Developmental milestone survey adapted from Lynn Marotz and K. Eileen Allen's book Developmental Profiles: Pre-birth through Adolescence.