Physical Characteristics

5% to 7% of birth weight is lost in the days immediately following birth

Gains an average of 5 to 6 ounces/week during the first month

Normal body temperature ranges from 96*F to 99*F and is irregular during the first few weeks

 Cries without tears


Motor Development

 Maintains the “fetal” position, especially when asleep

Turns head from side to side when placed on their stomach

Pupils dilate and constrict in response to light

Eyes do not always work together and may appear crossed at times


Cognitive Development

Blinks eyes in response to fast moving objects

Begins to study own hand when in sight

Hears as well as most adults

Will turn away from strong odors


Speech and Language Development

Crying and fussing are major forms of communication

Reacts to loud noises

Shows preference for certain sounds, such as music, by quieting


Personal-Social Development

Sleeps 17 to 19 hours/day

Likes to be help close and cuddled when awake

Begins to establish a bonding relationship with parents and caregivers


Check with your child's pediatrician if by One Month your child does NOT:

 Show alarm or “startle” responses to loud noise

Suck and swallow with ease

Show gains in weight, height and head circumference

Grasp with equal strength with both hands

Make eye-to-eye contact when awake and being held

Become quiet soon after being picked up

Roll head from side to side when placed on stomach

Express needs and emotions with cries and patterns of vocalizations that can be distinguished from one another

Stop crying when picked up and held

Did you answer yes to one or more of the developmental alerts?

  1. First and foremost, please contact your child's pediatrician. Your health care provider is your best resource if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. Secondly, would you like to speak with someone at Special Kids to learn more about how our services may benefit your child? Contact our Family Resources team to learn more.

*Developmental milestone survey adapted from Lynn Marotz and K. Eileen Allen's book Developmental Profiles: Pre-birth through Adolescence.