Every year at Special Kids, our family resources & development teams work to coordinate the Special Kids Cornelius Christmas program for many of our families. The Cornelius Christmas program allows groups and individuals from the community to sponsor some of the families we serve that are in the most need during the Christmas season.

Special Kids’ family resources team determines the specific needs of the families and then matches them to the appropriate support groups. Families caring for children with special needs face financial burdens of all kinds, and at times, there is not enough money to go around for Christmas gifts.

“For these families, many cannot even think about Christmas gifts because their basic needs aren’t being met,” said Sheri Weber, Special Kids Director of Family Resources. “Even buying a winter coat can be a struggle for them, but it can also be the biggest blessing when we are able to match them with a sponsor who can provide it for them.”

Sponsors are anonymously paired with a family and given a list of supplies that the family needs. Special Kids makes an effort to find sponsors that can provide necessities such as clothes, shoes, blankets, and household goods for our families while keeping everything confidential.

To become a Cornelius Christmas sponsor, please sign up here or contact DeAnn Starling at dstarling@specialkidstn.com or 615.893.4892.  If you are family in need, please contact Sydne  in our Family Resource Department.