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Family Resources exists to serve the whole family of each child at Special Kids through providing needed resources and opportunities for growth and healing. Our family resources staff are the first people a family meets when starting services at Special Kids. Family Resources makes Special Kids unique. We are more than a center that provides therapy or nursing for the children. We are a ministry here to serve the family as a whole.

Family Outreach
Family Resources reaches out to Special Kids families through offering the Cornelius Christmas program each December, organizing meals throughout the year, and providing benevolence for families in need. We strive to get to know and come along side of our families so that we can be a support system for the needs that extend beyond our therapy and nursing care.

Community Resources
We desire to be a connecting point for families of children with special needs to other resources in the community. Family Resources refers patient families to outside help that may provide financial grants, food, clothing, counseling, and other types of assistance. We also provide information for families navigating the world of special education services.

Family Resources helps families begin services at Special Kids as well as provides them with ongoing educational opportunities. We strive to empower families to learn to advocate for their children and provide for their needs. We offer education through individual family meetings as well as special classes focusing on nutritional training and parenting support. Learn about upcoming educational classes on our events page.


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Please contact us if you have any questions about how family resources might help your family.