Eating-aversions | swallowing | nourishment
ages birth to 21 years

Feeding therapy seeks to address the causes feeding difficulties. This therapy serves children with food aversions, swallowing disorders, oral motor deficits, and delayed feeding development that can result in a lack of nutritional nourishment.

A variety of diagnoses may contribute to weakness or in-coordination of the structures used in swallowing or feeding. Also, feeding aversions may range from being a little picky to extreme aversions that lead to a child refusing most foods and not being able to maintain proper nourishment. This therapy focuses on presenting new foods in a systematic and non-threatening way. Special Kids has both speech and occupational therapists that are trained in providing results and evidence-based feeding therapy.

Skills feeding therapy addresses include:

  • Food selectivity from taste or texture
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Limited food intake or refusal
  • Transitioning from a feeding tube to oral food intake



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