Our new podcast - His Children - is based on our mission to serve Jesus Christ by caring for His children. This Scripture is a guiding reminder that Jesus Christ will draw His children and families to Himself. We must not only refrain from hindering them when they approach Him but also must help them get to Him (Matthew 28: 18-20). We seek to glorify Jesus Christ and meet the needs of everyone we serve - one child, one family, one community at a time.

Special Episode: Trent Denson has a wonderful podcast called "Spread the Positive." We are SPREADING the positive here and sharing with you a recent interview he did with our very own Kristen Perry. In this interview, Kristen talks about Special Kids, her journey from patient to staff member and what it means to her to spread the positive. Both Trent and Kristen are an inspiration so be sure to listen in and then SPREAD THE POSITIVE.

Episode #3: We welcome Sydne’ Anderson, Family Resource lead at Special Kids. Listen in as she shares about Family Resources and how a child starts services at Special Kids.

Episode #2: We welcome Tori Bivens, lead recreational therapist at Special Kids. Listen in as she shares about our EQUIP peer modeling program and how your child can become a peer model.

Topics discussed: Equip Program | Nursing Services
Getting started at Special Kids

Episode #1: We welcome mother, encourager, and supporter, Megan Townes, to our podcast. Listen in as she shares her story.

Topics discussed: Nursing Services | Feed Therapies
Equip Program | Getting started at Special Kids

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