Holland comes across as shy when you first meet her.  Within minutes, her smile lights up the room, and she’s ready to show off all she knows and can do. Don't let her petite-frame fool you. Holland is, and has always been, a fighter.

Born in January 2014 at 25-weeks, Holland was premature and weighed only 1-pound, 6-ounces. She spent her first 89 days of life in the NICU at the hospital. Holland was diagnosed with “failure to thrive” when she was one after having feeding difficulties, which eventually led to receiving a Gastrostomy feeding tube (G-tube) in order to receive nutrition. At two years old, she was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

Holland’s family discovered Special Kids as they were researching options and heard positive feedback through word of mouth and realized they knew other acquaintances whose children have also been treated at Special Kids. The peer-modeling program in the Nursing Center was a large draw for Holland’s mom and dad, Megan and Daniel. “The peer modeling program was huge for us, and we knew that would be very beneficial for Holland.”

Holland started at Special Kids in the fall of 2016 and now receives physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapies. She is also part of the Special Kids nursing program. Since starting at Special Kids, she has blossomed, “In one word on the progress Holland has made, ‘Wow!’”, states Megan. Megan and Daniel also share that Holland’s new words and how she can now speak in complete sentences is amazing. She has also improved her mobility skills and is now trying new foods. Holland shares a unique bond with her new friends at Special Kids who motivate her to “keep-up” because of the peer-modeling group she is a part of in the nursing program. Holland’s parents credit the team of nurses and therapists at Special Kids who care for Holland, “All the therapists are so in-tune to Holland and her needs and they customize treatments and therapies for her. They give us tools and skills to put in place at home and share with us on a regular basis what we can incorporate at home.”

Holland’s parents lastly share, “We give thanks to everyone who is helping us along our journey! We wish there was a Special Kids in every community. We are so blessed that we have this help and level of care right here in Murfreesboro. We know Holland is getting the complete care she needs.”