Meet Jaymee

At 9-years old, Jaymee is loving, her smile can light up a room, and her laugh is contagious. Jaymee has been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, ASD, mixed-expressive language disorder, and epilepsy.

When Jaymee first came to Special Kids, she was very distant and “…could barely maintain any social interaction. She also had no way to communicate her wants or needs,” shares Jaymee’s mother, Rikki.

Today, Jaymee is much more outgoing and has learned to use multiple signs to communicate her needs, her social interaction has completely improved, and she can self-soothe when she gets too overwhelmed. She works extremely hard in her speech and occupational therapies every week.

Jaymee’s future goals include focusing on her being as independent as possible in her home, school, and other environments. This includes feeding herself appropriately with a utensil as well as taking appropriate-sized bites, fastening clothing fasteners, and, most importantly, interacting and playing with peers and adults as appropriately as possible.

“Special Kids means peace of mind and some freedom, as well as teaching Jaymee her own peace. Special Kids means everything; we’ve never missed a visit,” shares Rikki.

Would you join the Double Challenge and Double the Hope for Jaymee?  Your investment will make a direct impact on Jaymee’s life, as well as the lives of all the children being served at Special Kids.

For this year’s Double Challenge, Special Kids wants to connect investors on a deeper level in order to achieve Special Kids’ mission. Special Kids wants to encourage YOU to create your own challenge! Would you please consider making your own commitment to Jaymee and Special Kids and then ask friends, family, and colleagues to give the same amount? If you are unsure who to challenge, do not be concerned. A group of generous anonymous investors have promised to match the first $31,000 given. Special Kids current caseload of 780 children is more than has ever been served, which is why Special Kids has set a goal of $286,000 to be raised through the Double Challenge this year.

To join the Double Challenge, donations can be made online at or by mail to Special Kids, 2208 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN, 37130. If you have questions about the Double Challenge contact Noel Deal at or 615.893.4892.