2018 Special kids banquet entertainment

Logan Blade is a 26-year-old young man who lives for his music. Diagnosed with autism at age two, today he cannot talk in conversation, but he can sing like an angel!

 Logan passed all his major milestones until age 18-months when he started to regress and words he had learned were gone. At age four, he began to hum for his self-stimulation. 

 Logan graduated from Culleoka High School, a small K-12 school in Maury County, Tennessee; he was a member of the Culleoka Chorus for six years. This experience served as the beginning of his career in music.

Logan’s musical talent enables him to hear a song only once and know it by heart. He is self- taught to play keyboard and is teaching himself to play guitar. He can instantly identify any musical note that he hears.

Logan's Facebook  | Video of Logan Performing

Logan has sung at the following venues:

  • With his school chorus, center stage at the Atlanta Hawks Basketball game

  • World famous Blue Bird Café

  • Listening Room

  • With the Nashville Symphony

  • On stage at Disney Epcot Center in Florida

  • NATO Convention in Norfolk, VA for 28 World Leaders

  • On Stage of the Grand Ole Opry with country music star Josh Turner

  • Participated in the “I Am What I Am” music festival in Shelbyville, TN where he was awarded a free, seven-hour recording session in Nashville, TN. Logan went to Nashville and recorded his first album titled “Logan Blake Fitting In”. Logan now has recorded three albums and number four will soon be released.

Logan truly lives for his music and expresses his love through song! He is a blessing to all who know him and his story. Logan’s mother shares, “When a child receives a diagnosis of autism, do not lose hope! Logan is autism at its best. It is not known what the world has to offer Logan, but Logan has a lot to offer the world!”

Logan's Facebook  | Video of Logan Performing