Meet Quinn

From a mother’s perspective:

“Special Kids has been a blessing for Quinn,” says her mother, Lindsey.  When Quinn turned six-months-old she started Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy with another organization per her pediatrician's suggestion. Quinn created a bond with her therapist there over a several year period and progressed well with her treatment. “The therapist eventually had to close the practice and, as a mom, I was concerned about how Quinn would react to a new therapist and a new facility. Would she transition well? Where would we find someone that shared my same values about my child's development? Would I ever find someone who loved my kid and was concerned about her well being as much as I did? Fortunately, I discovered the answers to all my impending questions at Special Kids.” Quinn’s mother knew about Special Kids from a friend long before Quinn became a patient there, however, they were established at another therapy facility before and was not looking for a change. When the change of a therapist was needed, it was decided that “…Special Kids was calling our family.” 

“Special Kids has changed how Quinn feels about herself and her therapy. Before, she attended therapy at a small private location where she would not come in contact with other children with special needs. At Special Kids, she sees kids that fill the lobby with laughter and learning as they wait to be seen by their therapists. The front desk staff always greets her by name and each of her therapists is excited to see her and ready to engage her on her level. The atmosphere is a family environment rather than a cold sterile field that some medical offices give off. The comfort and energy that the staff at Special Kids admits is contagious. Quinn is always in a better mood when she leaves her therapy sessions than when she goes in.  The most important aspect to me are the values that Special Kids holds. They give Quinn, and every other patient, Christ-centered care and compassion. Each staff member that Quinn comes in contact with is not only trying to meet medical needs, but serve her the way that Jesus served the sick. The staff at Special Kids has helped to shepherd Quinn to receive Christ and nurture her green Christianity with love and lead by example,” shares Lindsey. 

From Quinn’s therapist’s perspectives:

Tori, Recreational Therapist:

When Quinn first started with us, she was working through knowing how to appropriately express her negative emotions during her daily activities. For example: frustration, disappointment, and anger. She often would have outbursts where she would become very upset and required a lot of staff attention to help calm her in order to get her to participate safely in activities again. Quinn’s favorite time of the day quickly became Bible Study, which we have every afternoon in the Nursing Center. She LOVED to worship and looked forward to each month when we learned a new Bible story. By the end of each month, she knew every detail of the Bible story and could even take the place of the staff member in telling the children the message! Quinn’s smile is contagious and lit-up the room every afternoon as we worshipped.

After realizing this, and knowing how brilliant she is, we decided as a Nursing and Recreational Therapy team to bring Jesus’ love and Biblical principles into how we taught her how to cope with her negative emotions. After each outburst, one of the staff would talk in detail about whatever we felt like the Holy Spirit had placed on our hearts to teach her about Jesus. Over time, Quinn began asking more questions and expressing to us how deeply she understood the Gospel message. She began to trust the staff and cope with negative emotions through seeing Jesus’ unconditional love expressed through the care we gave to her.

One day, Quinn came into a staff member’s office and told them that she had asked Jesus into her heart at her grandparent’s house while she was alone but didn’t know what to say and hadn’t told anyone. Knowing that salvation had been a big principle we had taught her daily, the staff member asked if she wanted to ask Jesus with them there and shared that they could help her in knowing what to say. She flashed her brilliant smile and replied, “YES!” After the staff member asked basic questions to her to make sure she understood fully what Jesus had done on the cross and how this decision could change her forever, it was clear that all of the time spent teaching her little by little over the past months had really stuck and she fully understood. That moment, Quinn prayed with the staff member and asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior and to help her walk as a new creation in Christ. It was a powerful moment and brought tears to both people’s eyes. Immediately, Quinn called and told her mom what had happened! What Quinn didn’t know was that exact staff member she came to and prayed with had been praying that she would make the decision to accept Jesus into her heart before she went on to Kindergarten. What an amazing answer to prayer!

After this life-changing event occurred, Quinn’s entire demeanor changed. She was joyful and smiling during almost all parts of the day instead of just the afternoon Bible Study. Although she still had moments when her negative emotions showed, as we all do!, she was able to cope easier and quicker with these emotions because the staff only had to remind her of who she was, a Daughter of the King of Kings.

Rachel, Occupational Therapist:

In Occupational Therapy, I have had the pleasure of working with Quinn since her first days at Special Kids. Together we’ve worked to use her left hand more and problem solve how she can participate more fully in everyday dressing, play, and fine-motor tasks. I’ve been so blessed to be a part of Quinn’s story and to see her become more confident in herself. God is shaping her into a beautiful, joyful, determined young lady!

Future goals in occupational therapy include Quinn feeling confident in her ability to fully dress herself and participate in classroom activities with her peers.

Leigha, Physical Therapist:

When you ask Quinn her future goals for herself she has stated to be better with gymnastics. While we cannot work directly on “gymnastics” at Special Kids, we will work on the impairments and functional deficits that are causing participation in gymnastics to be difficult for her. For example, we will continue to target some jumping skills such as jumping over obstacles, or hopping on one foot. We will continue to work on balance training, especially on her left side. We will continue to focus on lower extremity strengthening and working on her exercises at therapy and at home for improved strength gains. As far as progress, Quinn has recently met her stair-climbing goals and her family recently reported that she was able to go to a community event and participate in an activity that involved climbing several stairs many times! Quinn works so hard during therapy and is extremely motivated. She does not let anything hold her back!

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