Recreational Therapy


structured play
Social skills | self-esteem | daily living
Ages 6 weeks to 21 years

Recreational therapy is a service provided to each child enrolled in Special Kids' nursing program. This therapy works to build self-esteem and social skills through structured play activities. Our staff of certified therapuetic recreation specialists (CTRS) focus on developmental milestones and the healing of each child- spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Recreational therapy uses play as the primary tool to help each patient enhance daily living. Our recreational therapists coordinate with the child's other therapists at Special Kids to create a comprehensive treatment plan that they can use to carry over goals into their sessions. Recreational therapy also includes the use of Special Kids' snoezelen room to incorporate sensory integration toys and adaptive equipment into their treatment plan. Children in our nursing program are included in a daily bible study conducted by recreational therapists that includes using gross and fine motor skills, sensory, cognitive, social, imaginative, and dramatic play.


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