Meet Sean

At 15-years old, Sean has already overcome so much. Sean has been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, ASD. Many with ASD often have characteristics that include ongoing social difficulties that may include difficulty communicating and interacting with others. Just this past May 2017, Sean addressed 200 people at the Special Kids’ golf tournament, a moment Sean’s mom never imagined would happen. When Sean first came to Special Kids, he was reluctant to even participate in activities and “he only wanted to do what he wanted to do,” says his mother, Debbie.

Today, Sean is much more outgoing, cooperative, and understanding. He participates during his social group therapy with others and individually works hard in his speech and occupational therapies each week.

Sean was recently discharged from physical therapy due to his great progress! Most of his goals in physical therapy were higher-level strengthening and balance goals and Sean met them all! Sean still hopes to be able to ride a bike in his near future. Before his physical therapy discharge, Sean worked on pedaling the stationary bike, balancing on a bike without training wheels, and how to stop a bike safely to help him met his goal of riding a bike.

In his speech therapy, Sean is full of potential! One skill he and his therapist are working on presently is understanding figurative language, which is a very complex, abstract concept. An example would be "rose-colored glasses", etc. He is doing great with metaphors and is making great progress toward answering various questions after listening to a story. He and his speech therapist are also working on many social skills such as using reasoning skills in conversation and in picture or video scenarios, as well as appropriately making comments and asking questions that are on-topic. In the future, Sean’s speech therapist hopes to see Sean engaging in a multi-turn conversation appropriately, building relationships with others using social skills, and expressing himself with grammatically correct sentences and questions that clearly express his desired meaning.

“Special Kids has been a lifesaver. (They have) helped me be a better informed and understanding mother. Special Kids has helped Sean because of who HE is…he is not just a number among many,” shares Debbie.

Would you join the Double Challenge and Double the Hope for Sean?  Your investment will make a direct impact on Sean’s life, as well as the lives of all the children being served at Special Kids.

For this year’s Double Challenge, Special Kids wants to connect investors on a deeper level in order to achieve Special Kids’ mission. Special Kids wants to encourage YOU to create your own challenge! Would you please consider making your own commitment to Sean and Special Kids and then ask friends, family and colleagues to give the same amount? If you are unsure who to challenge, do not be concerned. A group of generous anonymous investors have promised to match the first $31,000 given. Special Kids current caseload of 780 children is more than has ever been served, which is why Special Kids has set a goal of $286,000 to be raised through the Double Challenge this year.

To join the Double Challenge, donations can be made online at or by mail to Special Kids, 2208 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN, 37130. If you have questions about the Double Challenge contact Noel Deal at or 615.893.4892.