Here is the general process of how a patient begins services. In special and traumatic situations, please contact our family resources team directly, to see if any emergency/special trauma treatment may need to begin.


The Referral Form

Each child at Special Kids is seen by physician referral. We prefer to receive this referral from your child's primary care physician but will accept physician referrals from hospitals and surgeons as well. Simply call your physician or make an appointment to let them know you would like your child to be referred to Special Kids. We will need the services requested, child's diagnosis, and your family's contact information from the physician to move forward.


The Initial meeting

Within a week of receiving the referral from your physician, our amazing family resources team will contact you. They will discuss and answer your questions regarding topics like billing (options & help), patient policies, and what to expect when you come. This is a great time for you to get your questions answered about services and what treatment looks like.


Internal Process

From this point, our billing department will work to verify your insurance (if you have it) or look through sliding scale and patient payment options for your family. Next, our scheduler will call you to set up a time for an initial evaluation with the therapist and your child.



You will bring in your child for an initial evaluation. At this point, the therapist will access if your child needs that particular therapy or not, how often your child may need therapy (2x a week or 1x every other week, for example), and what a treatment plan will look like. If the therapist recommends treatment, we will contact you to schedule a regular appointment time, and your child will begin services.



At this time, Special Kids will be in contact with your physician about the results of the evaluation and recommended treatment. Once we receive your physician's signature, our scheduler will contact you to discuss a permanent time spot.

Begin Services

Now it's time to get your appointment(s) in your calendar and start your child's treatment plan.  We'll see you soon!

Do you have more questions about how your child begins services at Special Kids?

Then we would love to speak with you! Our Family Resources team helps families walk through the process of beginning services at Special Kids. Please reach out to us at 615.809.2632 or via email, and we would be happy to talk more.