Peer Modeling = Friends

After three years of peer models at Special Kids, our nursing program looks completely different! These little ones have come in and shaken our world for the better. They eat, play, nap, and learn with our nursing kids. When we give tours, sometimes visitors can not even tell the peer models from our nursing children a part. What a blessing! Our nursing children are getting to experience growing up with typically developing children who help encourage them through play and social skills... or simply put, friendships!

 Milestones from TEAMM

Over the past year, we have seen several children reach new milestones because of our TEAMM peer modeling program.

  • Hired 2 assistants, totaling 4 TEAMM staff
  • Enrolled the first sibling of a child who receives nursing care
  • Split into age appropriate classrooms to allow for age appropriate activities and learning
  • 1 child started reading
  • 4 children were potty trained
  • Older TEAMM children over 2 1/2 years can recite ABC's, knows all colors, and can use American sign language to communicate both of these things
  • Younger TEAMM children can verbalize and demonstrate body parts and can count to 10

Our awesome TEAMM & Recreational Therapy Ladies

Over the past year, Special Kids has experienced an incredible growth in our physical space, more than doubling our amount of treatment room. With that physical growth, we have seen the children in our nursing program develop and reach several new milestones. Our Therapeutic Educational and Medical Monitoring (TEAMM) program enables typically developing children to serve as peer models to our nursing children. Our Recreational Therapy program uses play to help our nursing children reach developmental milestones and re-enforces what the children are working on in their other therapies. Together, these two programs have expanded to make our Kleinau Nursing Center a place of care and growth for our children served.