“This has been a Godsend for us.”

Katie sits on the couch with a smile as the words pour out. “This is a safe place. They get it, and I’m not alone.”

Katie and her husband Brian Dell first came to Special Kids when their son, Alex, was almost four. He had received services at another therapy provider, but his parents had trouble paying for the services and could not afford to have Alex in therapy as often as was needed. After searching online, they found Special Kids and decided to see if it was a fit.

[Special Kids is] more than a therapy center. It’s support for parents.

The Dell’s soon met with our Family Resources team which included Sheri Weber and Candice Payne at the time. Sheri and Candice helped the Dell’s get started with services and begin navigating Alex’s recent diagnosis of autism. “It was a lot of help,” said Katie. “When you go through a diagnosis with a kid, you feel like you’re the only one.”

The Family Resources team helped the Dell’s find two outside grants that would help pay for Alex’s frequent therapies, allowing him to receive therapy as often as he needed. “We had so many questions,” Katie said. Sheri and Candice helped answer the Dell’s questions about school and gave ideas for books to read about sensory issues. “It was all new to me,” said Katie. “It’s a foreign land- how it affects every-day daily functioning.”

Over the past two years, Family Resources has blessed the Dell’s with gift cards, diapers for Alex, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas presents, thanks to donors in the community who give directly to families at Special Kids. “It has been so helpful for us,” said Katie.

The Dell’s have continued to do whatever it takes to help not only Alex, but also his two siblings Abbey and Amelia. “It’s hard. Everything we’ve done has been pushed around this,” said Katie. “When you are going through stuff, [it’s] to help them succeed, to get answers, to get support.” All together, the three Dell children receive 9 services every week, including speech, occupational, physical, and feeding therapies.

“We’re amazed at all the help the kids have gotten,” Katie said. Alex, 6, has progressed from using sign language to now asking questions and looking the person he is speaking to in the eye.  His twin, Abbey, has been working on skin and clothing sensitivities, articulation, and toe walking. Her therapies have helped her progress to following two-step directions and staying calm when she gets frustrated. Older sister, Amelia, 7, recently started feeding therapy to help with picky eating. “They are doing so well here,” said Katie. “The therapists are more than willing to give ideas, tips, and tricks. The kids love it!”

The Dell’s commitment to getting their children what they need is making all the difference. Brian works during the day, and Katie works nights and weekends so she can take the children to their appointments. “It’s a big part of our life right now because we are here every day,” said Katie. “We do it because we know it will help.” The Dell children are the proof. Through the love and support of their parents, they are making huge strides in therapy and life.

Please pray for the Dell’s as Brian and Katie work hard for their children, and Alex, Abbey, and Amelia work hard in their therapies. 

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13