Candice Payne

Candice Payne,  BSW                                                                                                 
Family Resources Coordinator

What is Family Resources?

Family Resources exists to serve the whole family of each child at Special Kids through providing needed resources and opportunities for growth and healing. A member of the family resources staff is the first person a family meets when starting services at Special Kids. Family Resources is what makes Special Kids unique. We are more than a center that provides therapy and/or nursing for children. We are a ministry here to serve the family as a whole.

The Family Resources team first "meets the family where they are." Meeting a family where they are can mean a host of things. Maybe a parent simply needs to talk, cry, and pray, just have someone listen; it may mean finding respite so they can have a “day off”, sitting down and helping to fill-out a grant to find funds for therapy costs or finding funds to help buy school supplies. Many times a child has just received a diagnosis that was unexpected, and our parents need help initially navigating the special needs world. It is very overwhelming, and they have to put on a brave face for their child and family. But at Special Kids, they can let down their guards and be open about their current situation.

Many external circumstances can affect a parent, child, and family. Have you heard the saying, "You can't teach a hungry child?"? We have to step-back and take into account what parents and the family as a whole may be going through. The families we serve may have multiple children, multiple therapies scheduled a week, a single parent household or mom and dad both are working full-time but on separate shifts so they are never able to see each other, not enough money for food, no time to take care of themselves or even get a haircut, multiple family members sharing a car, etc. Many of our families are stressed out to say the least! We strive to help ease those stresses whatever that means for each family. For example, I spoke with a parent recently and shared available resources with her and she commented, "How come no one ever told me about these?" It all started with her asking about behavioral therapy, which turned into Pull-Ups, which turned into where to find food, and respite, and Camp Ability...we want you to know that we are here for you and that we want you to share with us your needs, whatever they may be! Please always know we are here for YOU and your family. Whatever that may mean.

Family Resources is more than "the intake person"

Family Resources provides case management, resources within Special Kids, resources within the community, crisis intervention, and our Cornelius Christmas program.

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