Candice Payne, BSW                                                                                                 
Family Resources Coordinator

Special Kids is excited to host an upcoming STEP Workshop. On Wednesday, May 17, the workshop, Special Education Basic Rights, will be presented. This workshop is designed for parents of children in special education or for those that might need special education. Come and gain a working knowledge of special education laws, including your role in the development of an appropriate education program (IEP), and how to be an effective partner with the school team in the process. Details on the workshop can be found below.

  • Location: Special Kids Therapy Center, kitchen (2208 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130)
  • Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017
  • Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm
  • Do parents need to sign-up to attend? If so, by when? Yes, parents need to sign-up. They can sign-up all the way until the day of the workshop.
  • Where do parents sign-up? There are three ways a parent can sign-up:
  1. Call the Special Kids Therapy Center at 615-809-2632
  2. Email Connor Ladd at
  3. Sign-up at the Therapy Center front desk

Please note that childcare will not be provided, but parents can bring their child or children if they feel the child(ren) can tolerate a two-hour educational presentation and not disturb other attendees. Please use your best discretion.

What is a STEP workshop?  

STEP workshops seek to “…improve the lives of families of children with disabilities by guiding them through challenges they face accessing education and community programs…increasing families’ knowledge base is a major focus of STEP…workshops will help you feel more confident and positive as you participate as part of the team making educational decisions for your child.” Special Kids schedules two STEP workshops per year. Registration will be required.

In the past, Special Kids has hosted the following workshops on-site: Basic Rights Workshop, IEP Development, and Effective Transition Planning.

STEP classes are informative, parents are able to ask questions and connect face-to-face with someone from the STEP organization, parents receive materials to take home, and, best of all, classes are free! The STEP organization leads the workshops and can provide 1-on-1 assistance by phone and after going through the proper steps can even attend a child's IEP meeting with the parent as their advocate. To read more about STEP and their workshops, please visit

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References are for informational purposes only and they are not intended to replace family resources’ counsel.