Sydne’ Anderson
Family Resources Coordinator

Please tell me about the Resource of the Week.

The Resource of the Week is Understood for learning & attention issues, This website is a wonderful tool for parents to use, especially with children going back to school.  The Understood website’s mission is for children ages 3–20 who are struggling with learning and attention issues. The website aims to provide the needed resources for parents and offer steps into the right direction so that they are more confident when it comes to their children’s future.

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On this website, you will find information on a wide variety of topics for children with learning and attention issues including: treatment approaches, your child’s rights, empowering your child, and more. They also offer information on the difference between an IEP (a federal law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that public schools create an IEP for every child receiving special education services. Kids from age 3 through high school graduation or a maximum age of 22 (whichever comes first) may be eligible for an IEP) and 504 Plan (the part of the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against public school students with disabilities. That includes students with learning and attention issues who meet certain criteria).

Where is this resource located?

The website address is

How can parents use the website?

For Specific information on the difference between an IEP & 504 Plan, please visit

If you would like to join Understood, you can make a profile where you can join discussion boards with parents or experts please visit

With the variety of discussion boards available you can join a specific group that can connect you with other parents who are dealing with similar circumstances. Feel free to browse the Understood website to find the best fit for you.

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