Sydne’ Anderson
Family Resources Coordinator

Tucker’s House partner’s with families of children with disabilities to help make their home safe and accessible. Tucker's House:

  • Evaluates each home to determine the unique needs of the client and their family/caregivers.
  • The assessment team consists of a Pediatric Therapist with specialized training in home modifications, and an architectural designer as well.
  • Any recommendations made by the assessment team are designed to meet both the current and future needs of the client and family.
  • Tucker's House combines ADA guidelines with how the client and caregiver use the spaces within their home to create an ideal environment to maximize the home’s accessibility and safety.
  • Families are strongly encouraged to participate in the process of transforming their home in whatever capacity they are able to.

If you would like more information on Tucker's House, please visit or contact the Family Resources Department at 615-809-2632. You can also ask the front desk at Special Kids for additional information.

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