At Special Kids, there is a place for every child. Since opening our doors in 1998, Special Kids has served children with special needs, ages birth to 21 years. As the need for our services has expanded, so has the confusion around what “special needs” means and what exactly Special Kids offers. 

Questions such as the following have been asked in recent years:

  • Is Special Kids only for children who have major medical concerns?
  • Is Special Kids for children with social or learning disorders?
  • What about children who have physical challenges?
  • If my child only needs help with food aversions, for example, can he or she still be seen?

At Special Kids, “special needs” is simply any child that needs a little extra help. That extra help may be in saying their ‘r’ sound or putting words together to form a sentence. It could be an infant needing help learning to sit up or taking his or her first steps. A child may walk on their tip-toes and needs that little bit of extra help from one of our physical therapists. Extra help may be a child who is having trouble holding a pencil to write, needs help buttoning their clothes, or one who is a picky eater. Maybe a child has diabetes and a traditional day-care won’t administer their required insulin or monitor blood sugars throughout the day.

In the therapy world, many of these examples are called delayed milestones. In our diabetes example, we also offer a childcare program called “Equip” but have nurses on-site who can administer required medicines and monitor levels as needed.

At Special Kids, we offer opportunities for healing and for a child to possibly go on with life without anyone knowing they ever received our services. While we serve children who will need our help for years, we also assist children who will only need a few weeks, or months, of therapy or nursing care. We treat all children with the care and attention they deserve, regardless of the need.

James and Ruby are former Special Kids children who received therapy and nursing services for a few years, have graduated, and are now mainstreamed into school. James’ mother Amy says, “Special Kids means the world to our family because they helped us in a great time of need, for that we will always be grateful. I know James felt safe and ‘accepted’ each time he walked through the doors. He didn’t feel like he was going to another ‘appointment’ but, instead, like he was going to play with his friends. I truly believe James would not be where he is today without all the care and expertise he received from Special Kids.” Ruby’s mother Lindsey shares, “Because of Ruby’s diagnosis, a typical childcare environment was not an appropriate setting. I needed to continue working full-time and Special Kids allowed me to do that. Knowing Ruby was in a safe and loving environment, all while receiving her therapies at the same time, while I was working was a tremendous blessing. Ruby is now thriving and doing well and that’s all because of the amazing foundation she received while at Special Kids. I can’t thank Special Kids enough.”

Sheri Weber, Special Kids director of therapy shares, “Your child, regardless of their need, belongs here. We serve a spectrum of children and offer a spectrum of services. There is truly a place for every child at Special Kids. We love all kids; every child is special to us.”

If you have, or know of, a child that may need a little extra help contact our Family Resources department at 615.809.2632 to ask about starting services or visit

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Photo Credit: Kim Linville Photography