We are thrilled to be able to provide natural opportunities for social interaction and an environment for learning from peers here at Special Kids in the following disciplines: feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We also provide multidisciplinary groups. For example, occupational and feeding therapies will be covered during the same group session.

Recently, the social groups at Special Kids participated in themed groups! The themes included: Detectives, Movies, Life Skills, Show and Tell, Drama, and Cooking. Fun was had by all!

Christian Vaughan, Assistant Lead Speech-Language Pathologist, shares, "Since we are doing role playing, the members of my group must work together to have a successful interaction. Goals for increasing appropriate communication exchanges are targeted through this activity."

Children often learn from imitating others. Eating is an activity often enjoyed with others; it’s more enjoyable to discuss a book with a peer; picking-up a crayon to color, using a pencil to write, or blowing bubbles is more fun if a friend is doing it too. Research shows that social situations enhance a child’s willingness to try and discover new things. A child’s interest in watching and imitating others increases after 18-months of age. Games and social scenarios are often paired with therapy materials to reach target goals in a motivating and applicable manner the children will enjoy. 

If a child is not already receiving individual therapy services, a parent may talk to their child’s pediatrician about their concerns and ask for a referral so their child may be tested to see if he or she qualifies for services and if a group setting would be appropriate.  

To learn more on “Getting Started” with Special Kids and for more information on our group therapies, please visit specialkidstn.com/getting-started or specialkidstn.com/group-therapy.

Please note, the above references are for informational purposes only and they are not intended to replace physician and/or therapy treatment(s).