STEP, Support and Training for Exceptional Parents, strives to provide a brighter future for children with disabilities and they're our Family Resource of the Month!


  • Improves the lives of families of children with disabilities by guiding them through challenges they face accessing education and community programs.
  • Provides services that promote working together with school staff to resolve issues often faced by children with disabilities at school such as harassment, bullying, low expectations, and social isolation.
  • Believes every child matters; every child should have access to an education that leads to self sufficiency, employment, and meaningful community involvement.
  • With their services families and schools increase expectations and provide opportunities for students with disabilities to aim for high achievement standards.
  • With their services families are able to be actively involved in navigating the special education process; research show that when parents are involved in their child’s education, children have better outcomes.

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A FREE STEP Training Class is coming up soon on Tuesday, July 24th, from 5-8 PM. To register, contact Connor Ladd at or 615-809-2632.

Photos courtesy of STEP.