Nashville Dolphins

Nashville Dolphins offers swimming lessons to children and adults with special needs. There are different programs available depending on skill level. These programs are free and have benefits for children and adults with special needs.

Who they are

Nashville Dolphins mission is to bring the physical and emotional benefits of swimming to people with special needs regardless of age, ability, or financial circumstances.

The impact is statistics show that drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in children with special needs. Opportunities for adults with special needs diminish after the age of 21, leaving many sedentary, lonely, and often times unhealthy, overweight, and depressed. Caretakers of children with special needs have higher percentages of anxiety and depression. The facts are scary, but they motivate so much of what we do. 

Teaching children and adults with special needs provides innumerable benefits, from muscle strength to motor skills, from socialization to relaxation, from basic safety to self-confidence. Our participants are able to develop physical fitness, build confidence, establish friendships, and experience the pride and joy of being part of a team. The results have been tremendous, and the stories speak for themselves. 

For additional information visit, call 615-866-9971, or email

95 White Bridge Road, Suite 209
Nashville, TN 37205