We are pleased to introduce our new Director of Therapy, Cameron Campbell. Cameron recently shared with us about himself and his goals in his new role. Welcome, Cameron; we’re thankful to have your serving at Special Kids!

 Tell us about yourself. What is your background? What led you to Special Kids?

I grew up in the rural town of Columbia, Kentucky and attended college not too far from home in the nearby town of Campbellsville. In December 2013, I graduated from Campbellsville University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry—accepted to, and bound for, medical school. I attended the University of Kentucky College of Medicine for one year, when I felt an undeniable call to step away from school and enter pastoral ministry. It wasn’t that I didn’t like medicine or the field I was entering; I had spent years preparing for this career. But very clearly, the Lord directed me to leave.

Cameron Campbell Headshot.jpg

This was perhaps the most difficult decision I’ve ever faced, but throughout the process the Lord kept bringing a certain scripture to my mind. Isaiah 30:21 says, “Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.” I did not know where my path was leading, but God was reminding me through this verse that He had a plan.

I served for about a year as the executive pastor of the church I had grown up at in south-central Kentucky before being redirected again and led to enter state government. This career move didn’t make sense to me, but I again felt the Lord was calling me into this arena. After serving there, a position was made available to me as the office manager of a rural small faith-based family practice clinic in Kentucky whose mission was to minister the love of Christ to all in body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout all this time, I had been attending (as often as my schedule would permit) The Belonging Church in Nashville. Many friends knew that for quite some time I was looking to eventually relocate to Tennessee. When a friend told me about the Director of Therapy position at Special Kids, I jumped at the opportunity. The chance to partner with an organization that so clearly shows the love of Christ every day by caring for His children, while being near the city I have grown to love, was something I could not ignore. After interviewing with the staff, it was clear we shared the same mission. They have a heart for caring for these children and I gladly accepted the offer to join them.

What are some of your top goals as the new Director of Therapy, and what will be your focus?

I plan to bring the pastoral, administrative, and healthcare management skills I’ve gained over the last several years and apply them at Special Kids in every way I can. I love seeing Christ-centered healthcare organizations flourish and reach their goals and I’m excited to be a part of that.

Specifically, I look forward to working with current staff and learning the processes already in place so I can help develop ways that we as a team can streamline care, continuously improve quality, and make sure the spiritual climate is one that is welcoming to peoples of all backgrounds and walks of life. As a growing organization, I believe a few critical keys to sustained success are communication and teamwork. Broadly, my initial focus will be looking at ways to enhance team communication, collaboration, and continue to cultivate a faith-filled atmosphere so that our therapy services are offered with utmost excellence. Specifically, down the road I’d love to see ways we can continue to build a strong-knit team and enhance our care through additional services such as with telehealth technology.    

What do you see as the most significant opportunity, or opportunities, for Special Kids therapy as we look to the future?

Healthcare is constantly changing. Much like a cell phone, this year’s healthcare innovation will be next year’s old model. I think there is great potential and opportunity for Special Kids to stay on the leading edge of therapy practices and technology so we can have maximum positive impact for all we serve. Children really are our future, and I believe the investment we make in them today will bring significant returns tomorrow. Continuing to serve the special kids in our community demonstrates we carry the Light, which is vital to the positive transformation and development of our neighborhoods. Special Kids is, and can continue to be, a shining model of Christ-centered care for our brothers and sisters with special needs. 

What are you looking forward to most about serving as the Director of Therapy at Special Kids?

What I look most forward to as Director of Therapy is championing individual staff members to be the best versions of themselves in the unique roles they play in providing care for special kids. Christ’s Body, the Church, functions best when each member performs the role it was designed to play. Special Kids, a faith-based center, is like the Body of Christ. Every receptionist, therapist, volunteer, and director each have unique roles to play if the Body is to effectively minister the love of Christ and meet the needs of our community. I am most looking forward to working closely with the staff to uncover ways everyone can shine their own light the brightest they can as we serve the community.

 What do you see as the biggest challenge for yourself as you begin in this role?

 Every specialized healthcare organization has its own rules, policies, and best practices of care on internal, state, and federal levels. It will take a bit of time to reorient to these for Special Kids, having come freshly out of a primary care clinic in another state. I expect there will be some similarity to my previous role, but also some significant differences. Another challenge will be transitioning from a rural setting to a more urban environment—but I look forward to what’s in store!