Special Kids was founded on the pillar that no child would ever be turned away because a family could not afford our services... and no child ever has.


The cost of providing our services to each child in need is more than the revenue that is brought in through insurance reimbursements and patient payments. Offering professional services to every child in need in our community takes a whole community rallying around these families in need. To continue providing our services, Special Kids must bring in $45,000 a month above what comes in from reimbursements and payments in order to keep our doors open and make ends meet.

Every investment in Special Kids no matter the size is greatly appreciated and carefully used. We want all our investors to know that when you make an investment in our organization, it is just that- an investment. The return from your dollar is in changed lives that are right here at your front door, and we invite you to be a part of the miracles we see at Special Kids every day.

Special Kids is a 501(c)3 organization, and investments in Special Kids are tax deductable. To view our investor privacy policy, click here.