strength | balance|  mobility
ages birth to 21 years

Physical Therapy strives to enhance or restore a child’s functional ability through developing the child’s gross motor skills. To put that in terms you can tell your friends, our physical therapy team is working to develop the skills each child needs to reach their greatest mobility, whatever that means for each child.

How do we help a child reach their greatest mobility?

To sum it up- it’s movement, strength, and balance. Does your child have trouble sitting up? Are they not standing or reaching for objects on their own? Are they not walking independently? These are just a few areas that physical therapists at Special Kids address. Our therapy staffs work with our families to encourage their child to participate in daily activities and routines. We want to see the child take what they are learning in our gyms back to their homes and schools. Our staff has extensive education and training on how to observe and evaluate a child’s mobility. We may recommend bracing/orthotics, wheelchairs and seating, or other up-to-date adaptive equipment. Treatment may also include the use of Cascade DAFOs, a line of customized orthotics, that our staff is trained in casting for, fitting, and modifying to meet a variety of children’s needs. After an initial evaluation, our staff will recommend a treatment plan that is customized for each child and their specific needs. Once beginning therapy, you will notice our treatment motto firsthand- play is a child's work. We use lots of toys, bubbles, music, and fun activities to motivate children to reach their goals while playing.

Skills physical therapy addresses include:

  • Mobility on indoor and outdoor surfaces and stairs

  • Lower extremity and core muscle strength (legs and tummies)

  • Joint range of motion

  • Endurance, coordination, and balance

  • Equipment needs

  • Ball skills (for hand-eye coordination)



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