speech language pathology

comprehension | expression | articulation
Ages birth to 21 years

Speech therapy (or technically Speech Language Pathology) works to improve a child's understanding of language and their expression of thoughts and feelings. This therapy works with all of the cognitive aspects of communication, speech, and language.

When we think of speech therapy, most often 'r' and 's' sounds come to mind. At Special Kids, our speech therapists address everything from these issues to limited vocabulary to not speaking at all. Speech therapy helps children acquire the full range of human communication- or maximum communication as we like to say.

How do we help children reach maximum communication?

Speech therapy focuses on three main areas: comprehension, expression, and articulation. This therapy helps children with the comprehension of both verbal and non-verbal language in understanding that people, places, and things have names as well as more complex language such as spoken directions, inferred meanings, and humor. (It's true. Some of our speech therapists specialize in humor!) Speech therapy also works on expressive communication through words, signs, pictures, or a communication device with the goals of communicating basic wants and needs and being understood. Lastly, this therapy helps with the articulation of speech which focuses on the sounds rather than the content. This form of speech therapy helps a child learn the sounds of the English language so that others can more easily understand.

Skills speech therapy addresses include:

The following speech therapy services are offered at Special Kids Therapy & Nursing Center for children from birth to 21:

  • Articulation- difficulty producing speech sounds correctly

  • Expressive language- difficulty communicating wants and needs, using correct grammar, formulating sentences, and expressing vocabulary

  • Receptive language-difficulty following directions and understanding information

  • Pragmatics- difficulty with conversation skills, understanding emotions/perspectives, and interacting with others

  • Fluency-stuttering: repeating and prolonging syllables, words, and phrases

  • Feeding- difficulty with sensory and oral motor skills when eating 

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